Tips for getting found online

getting found online tips for small businesses by Imagine Digital Marketing Ltd, Nottingham

According to the Small Business Digital Trends report by 98% of small businesses recognize the importance of getting found online.

What’s surprising though is that in the same report only 17% are planning to invest in optimizing their web pages in 2017.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about helping search engines understand what your business is about.  By using relevant keywords in your web pages the idea is that you appear higher in search results.

Tips for getting found online

Tip # 1:  Getting found online can only happen if you regularly optimize your web pages

It’s easy to understand why you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available about on-site search engine optimization.  You do need to keep your web pages optimized though to stand a good chance of getting found online.  Not all small businesses have the necessary in-house expertise and so website maintenance tasks tend to get overlooked.  If you’re struggling to find the time maybe you should consider outsourcing your digital marketing tasks?

Here are some more facts about digital trends for small businesses in 2017 in the same report by

16% say they’re on social media but they don’t have a business website

Tip # 2:  Future proof your business

By having your own website built you’ll have an asset you own and control and this in turn will future proof your business.  It’s all too easy to look for quick fix solutions when you’re busy setting up or running a business.  Choosing to promote your business via social media channels instead of having a website built is the equivalent of renting a property instead of buying it.

23% admit that they use their personal social media profiles to market their business

Tip # 3:  Set up professional social media profiles

Using social media for business is completely different to using it for personal use.  For example, company pages on Facebook can take advantage of analytical data to measure performance.   If you use your personal Facebook profile you won’t know who is looking at your website or what pages they’re visiting.

42% admit that they don’t use both a robust website and social media channels to market their business

Tip # 4: Identify where your customers are online

A unified approach to digital marketing is required.  People connect through multiple channels today.  For example, you might have a good website but one poor experience on social media could stop potential customers contacting you.   Identify where your customers are online and set up profiles in line with brand guidelines for your business.

Getting found online is an ongoing process.  For help aligning your digital marketing strategy with the needs of your business please contact me on 01636 922747.


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