New networking group coming to Southwell

I’m delighted to announce that Imagine Digital Marketing is setting up a brand new networking club in Southwell – and all business owners are warmly invited.

You might wonder why I’ve decided to do this. Well, I’ve heard lots of people saying there’s a distinct lack of networking opportunities in Southwell, despite the area having lots of established and up and coming SMEs. I agree completely, so have decided to take the plunge and set up my own business networking group under the Imagine Digital Marketing networking group in Southwell, NottinghamshireThe Southwell Networking Club will officially launch on Thursday 1st November at 6pm, in The Barn function room at The Hearty Goodfellow on Church Street. After that, we’ll meet at the same time but at a few different venues locally on the first Thursday of every month. Places at the Launch Party (and future events) are limited, so please contact me now if you’d like to book.

What to expect if you come along to this new networking group

Well firstly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other local business owners. People like you, who share the same goals and aspirations, although everyone’s company will have its own unique offering. At the Launch Party, you’ll also find out what the Southwell Networking Club is all about and the format of future meetings.

The Club will be a mixed gathering with male and female business owners present. As a previous member of the Women in Business Network (WIBN), I fully appreciate the benefits of all-female networking. However, I also understand the advantages of men and women working together – and it can be interesting to observe their varying networking styles. So, everyone is very welcome to my new venture.

One thing that’s a little different about the Club is that it’s entirely not for profit. Yes, there are some great Clubs out there that operate as profit-making organisations. But I know from experience that some people are looking for an alternative approach. That’s why all the monies raised from business owners attending the Club will be donated to local charities or used to support local community projects.

I’ll tell you more about this at the Launch Party and also give you an idea of how much it will cost to be a member.

Why network?

Quite simply, face to face networking is one of the most powerful ways to market your business. As noted above, it’s also a chance to meet like-minded business people. But it’s so much more than that!

Here are just a few good reasons you should start networking if you haven’t already:

  • Once people get to know, like and trust you, they’ll give you leads and referrals, which could turn into sales. You’ll have the chance to reciprocate, too.
  • You’ll widen your network of contacts. The all-important rule of ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ really does work. You’ll meet people whose services you can use and vice versa, and who can introduce you to valuable contacts you might not otherwise meet.
  • Sharing advice, experience and expertise is an important part of networking, as we can all learn from our peers. Giving and receiving support can also be hugely beneficial.
  • Getting out and about to networking meetings can be a big help in raising your business profile. People will start to recognise your company name – and even ask to be introduced to you.
  • If you’re a little on the shy side, networking can be a fantastic way to boost your confidence. Walking into a room full of strangers can be nerve-wracking but rest assured, you’ll be made to feel welcome and at ease in no time at this new networking group in Southwell.
  • Do you like helping others? Then networking is for you! Everyone has business problems to deal with from time to time, and you could reap genuine satisfaction from helping people solve them. It works both ways, of course!
  • Last but not least, you could find you make some real, long-lasting friendships from business networking (as unlikely as it may sound). So, if you’re looking to expand your social network as well as your business one, give it a try.

Book your place at Southwell Networking Club today

I’d love to see you at the Launch Party, so get in touch now to book your place. You can call me on 01636 922 747 or email

As previously stated places are limited for the launch party so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Hope to see you there!

Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash

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