Working with a boutique marketing agency

Have you ever worked with a supplier that offers a ‘One size fits all’ service…and found it just didn’t fit your business? A classic example is a company that provides a choice of marketing packages, called something like ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’, each of which includes a range of features. That’s great if you need all those features, especially if you run a large firm with complex needs. But what about smaller businesses with different requirements? If this sounds like you, then you need affordable services that are tailored to your precise needs, aims and objectives. And that’s just what I’m talking about when I describe Imagine as a ’boutique marketing agency’.

boutique digital marketing agency in Nottinghamshire

One size doesn’t fit all at Imagine

The word ‘boutique’ might make you think of a small shop selling fashionable clothes from exclusive brands. In a business context, however, the term has evolved to mean a company like Imagine that offers specialised services targeted towards certain business types or industry sectors – in our case, small established businesses and new startups.

At Imagine Digital Marketing, we understand that different business types and sizes have varying digital marketing preferences and requirements. That’s why we don’t offer a limited choice of packages that tie you into a pre-determined set of services, some of which you may not want or need. Instead, we provide a range of flexible, cost-effective options with no compromise on quality.

Is a boutique digital agency for you?

If you’re a start-up or a small, established business looking to boost your online presence – yes, definitely. As a small business owner myself, I understand many of the challenges you’re facing, especially in the current economic climate. This makes it easier for me to ‘get under the skin’ of your company, understand what you want to achieve from your digital marketing and provide a highly personalised service.

Of course, I’m not saying a larger agency can’t do this. However, their services often come with a bigger price tag that start-ups and micro-businesses may find prohibitive. Whilst I don’t pretend my services are the cheapest you’ll find in the marketplace, I do believe they represent genuine value for money for the smaller business owner.

What to expect from a smaller digital agency

  • A personal, collaborative approach. In my eyes, effective client relationships are built on transparency, honesty, trust and collaborative working. I’ll always be your main point of contact, so you won’t have to deal with different people every time you pick up the phone. You’ll benefit from my personal attention at all times, and I’ll get to know your business inside out so I can offer you the best possible service.
  • Shared values and mutual goals. I only work with clients and suppliers who share my brand values and approach to business. Having shared values means we can work together effectively to achieve mutual goals without individual agendas getting in the way. For example, I take care to balance my workload and avoid taking on more work than I can handle as whilst this would increase revenue, it would impact on the quality of service I can provide.
  • Monthly retained services with fixed costs. I prefer to work with my clients on a rolling basis rather than on ad hoc projects. This not only helps you manage your costs and budget more effectively but lets you benefit from the longer-term management of your chosen activities. Consistency is key to success in digital marketing, so you’re likely to get better results from this approach – which includes ongoing evaluation, reporting and refinement – than from one-off projects.
  • Flexibility and agility. As a smaller business, I can respond quickly to changes in your requirements and easily adapt to your preferred ways of working. My range of digital marketing services mean you can pick and choose those which are right for your business and create your own package, rather than being shoe-horned into a ‘one size fits all’ bundle. And if you have special requirements, I can outsource these to trusted professional partners at competitive rates.
  • A passion for creativity. Again, I’m not saying that bigger agencies can’t offer this. However, it must be said that some firms are guilty of pumping marketing messages out into the ether without giving much thought to the right channels or messaging styles to use. I don’t work like that. My aim is to find the best ways to engage with your audience and drive results for your business, not just drive revenue for my own.

How it works with Imagine

It’s easy to create your digital marketing package with Imagine. We start with your baseline monthly retainer plan. This is the only compulsory element and covers your Digital Audit and Strategy Planning. You then add in your choice of services from the following: Content Creation, Social Media Consultancy and Email Campaign Management. If you need a new website, we’ll factor that in, too.

Your plan will be completely tailored to your individual needs, and the goals and aspirations you have for your business. As noted above, all services except for web design have fixed monthly fees, so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month. This helps you manage your budget and calculate ROI on your digital marketing more effectively.

When your package is in place, it’s not set in stone. It can be scaled up or down to reflect business growth and other changes to your digital marketing needs. It’s all about offering a flexible, agile service that moves and evolves with your business – something that’s more important than ever as we all adjust to new ways of working after lockdown.

Getting started in the ‘new normal’

Before Covid-19, all my client relationships began with a one hour, face to face digital marketing consultation to discuss requirements and find out if Imagine was a good fit with your business. Of course, life has changed dramatically since then and our initial consultation will now take place online via (Zoom or Skype) or on the phone.

If we decide to proceed (there’s no obligation), we’ll work together to create your very own bespoke digital marketing package. Once this is set up, there’ll be no ‘post lockdown’ changes to the way your services will be delivered, as the Imagine team worked from home before the pandemic.

In fact, as many other businesses are now finding, I’ve always believed this to be a great way of working. I don’t incur any premises costs that need to be passed on to clients, so it’s a win-win for us both.

Book your internet consultation today

To book your one-hour internet marketing consultation, or to find out more about our digital marketing services, please call me on 01636 922 747. Or, fill in my quick online contact form and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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