Email Campaigns Management in Nottinghamshire

Email campaigns are still a cost effective and efficient method of promoting your products or services to both existing and potential clients.  With various email services available that you can subscribe to, it’s well worth signing up for free trials and spending some time deciding which one best suits your needs.  For example, MailChimp offer a Forever Free plan if you have 2,000 or fewer subscribers.  The perfect choice for small business owners who are just getting started!

Email Marketing Campaign Services

I can build an eye-catching newsletter template to help grab the attention of your customers and encourage them to buy from you.

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Apart from saving you time having to learn new skills, other benefits of allowing Imagine to manage your email campaigns include:

  • Email template created incorporating your company logo and corporate colours.
  • Images sourced to suit the subject matter of your newsletter articles.
  • Assistance provided researching and creating content for your newsletter articles.
  • Preparing and maintenance of client email lists.
  • Management/scheduling of email campaigns on your behalf (via your preferred email service provider).
  • Advice and guidance for you or your staff in the use of the email service selected.

If you do decide to go ahead and manage your own email campaigns some important points to consider are as follows:

Client Email Lists

When importing and managing client email lists – remember that it’s your responsibility to know where your client data has come from.  Do you have proof that the recipient has given permission (i.e. opted-in) for you to contact them?


You need to carefully manage clients who unsubscribe (so you don’t accidentally contact them again if they’ve opted out of your newsletters). Hopefully unsubscribes won’t happen too often if your client email list is up to date and the message is right (of course!)

Measurement (click through & bounce rates)

Email marketing platforms provide you with the facility to monitor client engagement so you can measure for example, click through and bounce rates.  This provides useful information that can be used to refine future email marketing campaigns.

Don’t have the skills in-house to successfully run and monitor your own email marketing campaigns? Let Imagine set up and manage your email campaigns for you, ensuring that your clients are contacted on a regular basis.

Need some help setting up or getting started with an email marketing campaign?

Call Imagine on 01636 922 747 so we can talk through your specific email marketing requirements.