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Social Media for Business

Are you a Nottingham-based business owner struggling to manage your social media accounts? Then you’ve come to the right place. Imagine have the social media management tools and experience to help your business stand out online. So, if you’re not sure what it’s all about, or you simply don’t have the time to manage all your social media content – relax. I can help.

The benefits of social media outsourcing for small businesses

  • Saving time, effort and resource so you can focus on the day job
  • Having the reassurance of knowing your accounts are well-managed
  • Taking advantage of my expertise to cost-effectively grow your business
  • Showcasing your products and services on the right social media platforms
  • Engaging with your prospects and customers with relevant, targeted content
  • Knowing how your accounts are performing with regular insights and reports

Why social media matters to your business

The number of global social media users is expected to top 3.02 billion by 2021* – around a third of the world’s population. So, it makes sense that, whatever the type, size or location of your business, you need a social media presence – or you’re missing a very big trick.

Of course, your social platforms should form just one part of your wider digital marketing strategy. But, if managed correctly, they’ll play a starring role in helping you connect with new and existing customers; raising brand awareness; and increasing enquiries and sales. In short, social media is a highly affordable and effective way to grow your business.

The three major social media platforms

My social media management services revolve around what I consider to be the three best platforms for most businesses:

  • Facebook. With over 42 million users in the UK alone*, Facebook is top when it comes to social media. It’s also excellent for re-marketing (targeted advertising) when combined with a Pay Per Click campaign.
  • Twitter. A fast and effective way to connect with followers, Twitter accounts are widely used to provide customer service as well as more ‘salesy’ content. Clever use of content, imagery and video could see your Tweets get a fantastic online reach.
  • Linkedin. This business-oriented network has multiple strings to its bow. You can use LinkedIn to connect with prospects and suppliers, post articles and other content, gather reviews and recommendations, and even advertise job vacancies.

There are a multitude of other social media platforms which can work really well for different business types. For example, if you have a very visual product range, image-based sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are natural choices. You can rest assured that I’ll research the market thoroughly to find the very best platforms for your unique needs.

Staying involved: the key to social media success

If your business already has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, that’s great (Don’t worry if you haven’t, I’ll sort these out for you). But did you know that effective social media management is all about staying active online? That means posting regular content that’s interesting, relevant and helpful to your target audience, so they engage with your brand.

Two-way communications are key, as keeping online conversations going is a fantastic way to turn prospects into paying customers. Naturally, this doesn’t happen overnight, which is why a consistent social media presence and regular interaction with your followers is critical to success.

At the same time, you should constantly be on the look-out for good third party content you can share with your social media fans to keep stretching your online reach. Of course, all this takes time, skill and resource – which is why it makes sense to ask me to handle your social media management if you’re not sure about doing this yourself.

About my social media content management services

Naturally, the exact services I provide to your business will depend on your individual needs. But a typical process might look like this:

  • Identifying the best social media platforms to help you reach the right people
  • If you already have accounts in place, carrying out a social media audit to see what’s working well and what needs improvement
  • Setting up or editing your profiles for each account so they look and sound great, perfectly reflect your business brand and make a fab first impression
  • Content curation (information gathering) to research and find the types of content that resonate with your target audience
  • Engaging new and existing followers with curated content, to include keyword-rich blog articles, imagery and video as appropriate
  • Scheduling and/or sharing this content so your accounts show regular, consistent and quality activity
  • Creating and managing Pay Per Click campaigns once good organic content is in place, if you’d like to take advantage of social media advertising opportunities
  • Collating insights and statistics on your social media activities, e.g. the number of link-throughs to your website, so I can measure and report on your success.

Like to know more?

To find out more about my social media management services and how I can benefit your business, please get in touch to arrange a FREE one hour consultation. Call me today on 01636 922 747 or complete my online contact form and I’ll call you back shortly.

* Source Statista Statistics Portal